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Felt flat roofs

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Many properties incorporate a flat roof, they can be found on an extension, dorma, garage, porch, balconies, roof gardens and in some cases the main house roof, they are certainly one of the more popular types of roof in the U.K. Traditionally they are constructed by means of a timber decking being fixed to the main roofing joists, and then a mineral felt would be layed and often covered with stone chippings.

As a felt roof ages there is a tendency for them blister in hot weather which can become brittle and frequently crack as the temperature changes, this will also cause movement within the felt system putting stress on the more vulnerable points being the edges, up stands where fixed into brick work and detail items such as pipes, gullies and skylights etc. Mineral felt will also attract unsightly moss and algae growth further degrading the roof surface.

These break downs within a mineral felt roof system are generally very slow and water ingress can cause unnecessary damage to the under decking and timber joists well before a leak can detected internally, this can lead to repairs costing hundreds sometimes thousands of pounds to put right. Another problem coming to light recently is due to the average short life expectancy many insurers will not cover contents protected with a felt roof over seven years old.