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Repairing a roof is not particularly easy, particularly if you need to remove tiles first. If you are aware of tiles needing replacement, you may be able to fix the problem yourself. 1st Residential Roofing is on hand 24 hours a day to help. If you need to remove a roof tile, you should be able to lift the two tiles above it with a piece of thin wood. This will allow you to move the problem tile, lifting the nib away from the batten. If the tile is nailed into place, you may need to use a slate ripper tool.

A slate ripper is a flat tool with barbs at one end. It is slipped underneath the tile. The shaped barb hooks around the nail. With this engaged, pull down on the slate ripper (or hit the handle with a hammer) and the nail should come loose from the batten.

Once a tile has been removed, it should be replaced as soon as possible, to prevent moisture entering the space in the roof and becoming trapped beneath the new tile, as this can cause damage to the felt beneath the tiles. To replace a tile, the two tiles above the gap should be lifted, and be propped by blocks of wood.

Replace the tile, and ensure it is centred correctly, checking against tiles immediately beneath it. If the tile is a one off replacement, this should be simple as the tile will fit into its new location. If more than one tile requires replacement, they should be checked against the tiles directly above, ensuring the gaps between the tiles on the higher course line up with the centre of the new tile.

Should the new tiles require nailing, use aluminium alloy or galvanised nails to secure the tile to the batten. If nailing roof tiles, aim to secure alternative courses of tiles, moving from top to bottom, using blocks of wood to lift tiles above the highest course. If fitting single-lap tiles, work left to right as this allows for easier fixing of interlocking sections.