There are many portions of the modern home which we take for granted. The roof certainly represents an unsung hero, as its presence is vital and yet often goes unnoticed. However, any damage to this structure can cause grave consequences and may lead to thousands of pounds in repairs.

One of the best ways to appreciate the critical nature of a roof is to understand its main functions. You can thereafter contact a roofing services specialist at the first sign of trouble.


We can think of a roof as a permanent umbrella for your the home. Thanks to the durable nature and through the use of modern materials, you will be provided with vital protection from the exterior environment. We are not only referring to rain, snow and wind in this case.

It is also important to mention that dramatic temperature variations can be addressed through the use of a roof. Those which are kept in proper working order can last for decades at a time.


Let’s also highlight the fact that roofs will help to add curbside appeal to your home. Shingles are available in a nearly limitless number of colors and peaks can be designed at various angles in order to capture a certain architectural design.

Other materials such as slate and stone may likewise be employed if you wish to embrace a sense of elegance or if you want to remain true to a specific time period in history.


One of the lesser-known functions of a roof is its ability to provide a degree of thermal insulation from the outside environment. As heat within the home always rises, it is important that it does not escape through cracks and similar engineering faults. A well-designed roof boasts the ability to save you hundreds of pounds each year on energy costs.

The functionality of a roof cannot be denied and yet, there are times when problems will need to be diagnosed by trained experts. Please contact a technician at Able Roofing to schedule a consultation or if you have additional questions.

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