The average roof has been designed to stand up to massive amounts of wear and tear. From rain and snow to ice and heavy winds, there is no doubt that these structures have come a long way in recent years. Still, no system is perfect.

The chances are high that you will require a repair from time to time. The big question is how long you can expect such a repair to last. The answer to this question involves a number of variables, so let us take a quick look at what some of the industry experts have to say.


Two of the main factors associated with the longevity of a roof repair is the extent of the damage as well as what materials need to be replaced. For example, an extensive overhaul intended to replace structural supports and underlying surfaces is likely to be guaranteed for at least 20 years.

Asphalt shingles are generally associated with the same lifespan. Metal flashing has been known to last for up to 80 years while slate replacements may endure for a century or more. So, it is clear that much needs to be taken into account. Having said this, the majority of firms will provide you with a warranty of at least 20 years.

We also need to mention that the longevity of the repair will partially depend upon the professionalism and expertise of the firm in question. This is why property owners who are satisfied with nothing less than the very best should always make it a point to speak with a representative from Able Roofing.

We will be more than happy to explain the types of materials used, the benefits of each as well as our warranties in terms of any repairs that may be required.

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