There are many different types of roofing materials currently on the market. While each boasts its own unique benefits, some substances are much more durable than others. This is important to recognize in regards to your return on investment, as more robust options are associated with fewer repairs and maintenance issues over time.

So, what is the best choice if longevity is the most important factor to consider? Let us take a look at why one of the most traditional options could very well represent a logical solution for your roofing concerns.


Slate roofs have existed for millennia and this actually makes perfect sense when we consider the fact that it has been known to last for up to 150 years before a replacement will be required. Slate is a natural material that can be sourced from quarries throughout the United Kingdom.

Essentially comprised of clay that has been compressed over millions of years, slate can be cut to nearly any dimensions required and it is available in a wide array of colours. These are some of the reasons why slate roofs are often associated with Victorian homes.

Slate is also impervious to moisture, so it represents and excellent barrier against the elements. This is obviously important if you live within a region associated with a significant amount of rain over the years.


Of course, we should keep in mind that slate weighs a great deal when compared to other options such as modern shingles. Slate is also not the ideal choice for structures that have flat roofs.

In these instances, it is better to contact a flat roofing company which is able to offer viable alternatives. Whether you are interested in the advantages associated with a slate roof or your flat roof requires maintenance, the specialists at Able Roofing are always here to help. Feel free to give us a call.

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