Wind uplift is a term that describes the movement of air above an object. It can be caused by natural events or man-made structures such as buildings, trees, and hills.

Wind uplift has been known to cause problems for homeowners in many ways. If you want to know what wind uplift is and how it affects homeowners, then keep reading!


Wind uplift will occur when an air current comes into contact with a flat roof. Once the wind encounters a vertical surface (such as a wall), it will be forced upwards while simultaneously accelerating.

This creates an area of negative pressure known as a “void”. As the wind moves quickly over your roof, it will carry debris with it which could cause damage to homes or property.

If the wind is strong enough, such negative pressure can begin to lift the roof off of the underlying structure. The edges of the roof are the most likely areas to be affected by wind uplift. If significant damage occurs, the structure may require in depth repairs such as a home or garage roof replacement to ensure safety.

Wind uplift can be prevented by placing all vents, chimneys and other openings in the roof structure at an angle of 45 degrees or more from horizontal against the wind flow direction.


Obviously, areas prone to high wind gusts (such as Scotland and Northern England) will feel the effects of wind uplift over time. It should also be mentioned that flat roofs which have not been installed correctly are likely to suffer from more severe forms of damage. This is why obtaining a professional evaluation is important to ensure that the building is structurally sound.

While wind uplift can potentially cause major problems with roofing materials (such as tiles), it should be noted that most damage occurs in regions where snowfall is common.


Wind Uplift is a term that describes the lifting of air by wind currents and can be felt like an area of turbulence. When you’re at home, this uplifting often leads to discomfort or even damage if it winds up coming into your house through gaps in construction such as open doors and windows.

If you live in an area where this type of event occurs with any frequency, make sure you have a team like  Multiform Roofing who come out for an inspection to identify areas where there might be issues like these before they become problems. Contact us today!