A dual pitched roof is a type of roof that has two pitches. The first pitch is steep and the second, gentler. This allows for greater snow and rain runoff than a single-pitched roof. A dual pitched roof provides more living space in the attic as well as less weight on the structure below it because there are fewer eaves at lower levels to support its weight.


The flat roof, which is commonly used for commercial structures, allows water to flow quickly away from the property. It also increases living space in the attic while reducing burden on the beneath structure since there are fewer eaves to support its weight.

This sort of roof is popular among individuals who have a restricted budget or live in areas with a lot of rain and snow. This kind of roof keeps the water from accumulating, which reduces the risk of leaks.


In terms of design and appearance, there are several types of dual pitched roofs that can be used for your building. Examples include the gable roof and hipped roof. Both designs give a striking look to any structure; however, they also have some distinct differences in terms of function and design.

The main difference is that a hipped roof forms a pyramid, whereas the gable roof is symmetrical and has two sloping planes. The primary function of both roofs is to prevent excess water accumulation on top by directing it away from the building. Aside from that, each type also offers its own benefits and design possibilities.


If you are looking to install a dual pitched roof for your property, you should consider your options carefully. Aside from considering the aesthetics of each choice, take into consideration factors such as what is already available on your property and how much weight can be supported by said structure.

If you’re stumped as to which one to pick, seek help from a roofing professional such as Able Roofing who has vast experience with all types of pitched roofs.

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