When you think of roofing companies and roofing services in London, your mind might immediately jump to images of tiles, sheets of slate, and the various stylish yet sensible options you see atop the capital’s roofs. Yet these solutions are just the start of what Able Roofing can offer your home. Skylights and roof mounted windows can turn the upper rooms of your home into light, airy, and luxurious living areas. Whether you want a new office, a guest bedroom, or just somewhere to relax in style, these seven reasons show just how a skylight can make an ideal addition to your property.

Mood Improvement

Study after study consistently shows the same thing when it comes to exposure to natural light – an overall improvement to your mood. Not only does soaking up the sun help to increase the levels of vitamin D in your body, but it also triggers the release of serotonin. This hormone improves the connection between nerve cells in the brain and other parts of the body, and is strongly connected to improvements in mood. This is why natural light is so important when fighting Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Regulating Sleep Patterns

If you install a skylight in a bedroom, one of the biggest advantages is the regulation of sleep patterns. A room that is artificially dark or completely closed off from the outside world is one where anyone sleeping in it will wake up much less naturally than if the sun shines pleasantly upon their face as they awake. The natural darkness that comes with the arrival of night generates a hormone known as melatonin which regulates and manages the body’s sleep cycle. The more exposure to natural light there is in a room, the more the body will be able to control and coordinate the melatonin levels, and a better sleep cycle will be maintained.

Increased Productivity

Just as the arrival of natural light in our bedroom gives our body the signal that it’s time to wake up, its continued presence makes sure that we know to keep on going and power through the day. A wide variety of academic investigations has found the same thing. The more natural light that an office space has, the more productive employees and staff become. One workplace study found that an office with no windows resulted in a 6.5% increase in sick days, while another study saw that workplaces with higher amounts of sunlight saw productivity and sales rises of between 5% to 40%.

Resale Value Boost

The aesthetic value of turning a gloomy roof space into a light and airy room should not be overlooked. The more pleasant that your home is, the more valuable it will also become. Of course, adding a skylight is far from the only factor that will dictate the price of the house, but adding value to your property is always a plus. A well maintained, carefully-positioned skylight will definitely make your home a more attractive property.

Property Health

Natural light is not only good for the people living in a building, but it also can be highly beneficial for the structure of the building itself. Many common types of mould, spores, and other unpleasant growths that can settle into walls and under tiles are repelled by natural light. This is why mould is most often found in darker corners, dimly lit areas, and places with little airflow. Any room with a large intake of natural light will probably find its air and walls far cleaner and fresher than a stuffier, darker space.

Fresh Air

The air in our homes can become stale and stagnant if there are not enough ways to let fresh air in. While windows, in general, are great for increased airflow, skylights are particularly useful. A skylight’s position on the upper floors of the property also means that warm air’s natural tendency to rise can be dealt with properly. When the skylight is open, the warmer, more stale air can be carried upwards and outside, allowing a fresh blast of new air to fill the room and circulate.


Aside from saving electricity, there are also heating and general utility cost advantages. The biggest one is radiation heat control. As the glass of the window heats up, physics dictates that the excess heat will radiate either outside or inside, whichever side is cooler. So a colder house will soak up solar energy without any additional panels or complicated wiring, and thanks to the greenhouse effect that is natural to glass, all that extra heat will be kept nice and secure.

Skylights are an excellent addition to any property. They provide healthy natural light, a feeling of space, an airy atmosphere, and a spirit of productive energy.

Alongside the many and varied services we offer, Able Roofing has supplied and fitted countless roof windows and skylights in properties of all kinds. This wealth of experience-tested knowledge has positioned us as expert roof window installers. Combined with our dedication to honest advice and customer satisfaction, our service is one that puts you first. Whatever your requirements or needs, we are happy to adapt and work around you.

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